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P1100664 #collaboration #the lifted brow #the stylists own September 22, 2014
The Stylists Own, The Lifted Brow
P1100670 #free #stickers
Free Stickers!

We just got a fresh batch of stickers printed! If you’d like a bunch email us at with your postal address and we’ll send some your way!

DSC_0513 #collaboration #gemma o'brien #hand letter #illustration #typography July 3, 2014
Free Is Better x Gemma O’Brien
TLC #concert #gig #melbourne #music #tlc June 16, 2014
TLC First Australian Tour – Event Recap

The ‘90s gave us slow dial-up Internet, Pokémon, mood rings, the X-Files and one of the most iconic girl groups of our generation – TLC.

T-Boz, Chilli and the late Lisa Left Eye Lopes taught girls to feel pretty in their own skin and never settle for a scrub (if you have a shorty but you don’t show love, oh yes son I’m talking to you). They shaped our childhood and their songs became the anthem to getting back on our feet after a fall.

Stepping into the Palais theatre was trip down memory lane, fans were dressed in circa 90s’ swag – baggy khaki pants and badass bandanas. It was a nostalgic night with a mixed bunch of crowd ranging from young kids to those that grew up listening to TLC since the heyday.

Shout out to I|E|G and Ginnen Group in association with Channel [V] and MAX for bringing together this event – I can finally tick “be in the same room as TLC” off my bucket list.

DSC_0262 copy
After more than 20 years T-Boz and Chilli still have the moves and grooves.
DSC_0259 copy


DSC_0270 copy

Fans outside the Palais Theatre on June 11, 2014


20140526_122110 #collab #rebel 8 May 27, 2014
Free Is Better x Rebel 8

We’re proud to announce this very special collaboration with REBEL8, available in Sydney and Melbourne as part of the Rebel 8 Australian Tour commencing May 28th.

We Can't Do This Alone


Rome wasn’t built in a day. It also wasn’t built by one.
We need great minds to help us do great things.




We’d be nothing without our stockists. You’re the catalyst for the entire movement.
Stocking the bottles is simple. Put in a request for a slab, and we’ll make the bottles and find advertisers. When they’re ready, we even deliver them to you.

And don’t worry, it’s all free.


While we would be nothing without our stockists, our advertisers are the nexus to our community. By being on our bottles, you become the voice of our purpose. By partnering with us, you become a part of a movement that challenges the norm. We have our sights set on a progressive future, so help us show our followers that there are also other brands out there that push boundaries. Communicate with us, and you communicate directly with a generation of forward thinkers.


Be an ambassador

*Diplomatic immunity not included.

It’s not weird to be passionate about some water bottles. We are. And if you are too, we want you to be a team ambassador. Ambassadors take their understanding of what is happening in the bottled water industry and influence others to come take a stance on it with us.

It’s a task that takes someone sharp, witty, charismatic, and who likes to party (while staying hydrated, of course). And since you’re helping us, we’ll take care of you. We’ve got a few perks up our sleeves.


Wanna take this outside?

We’re not a bunch of suits sitting around talking about putting banner ads on newspaper websites. We’re spreading the word where it matters. And it’s pretty damn fun. Stickers, posters, events, you name it.

Sound like your kinda vibe? Chat with us and learn how you can help.

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Don't Call Us A Water Company


You’re probably reading this wondering who we are and what we do, and before our product blows you away, we’re going to be completely frank with you so brace yourself. We are the biggest necessity in the world.
At Free Is Better™ we bring you free bottled water. Why? Because we can. We are a movement that strives to change the way you mindlessly pay for bottled water by making a statement with ours.

Water For The Future

The Australian bottled water industry is growing at exponential rates, somewhat spurned from an exasperated desire for profits. But as consumers we’re suffering. We pay excessive amounts of money for a widely available commodity, merely because it is bottled and convenient.

We think that’s crazy! So we started a movement to make conveniently packaged drinking water free, for everyone.

Free Is Better is the first free, locally (and soon internationally) distributed bottled water on Earth, ever.


We hand out thousands of bottles through our distribution partners around Australia’s trendsetting hotspots so you can simply pick one up when you’re out. From fashion and boutique retailers, to record stores, galleries and cafes, we’ve got you covered.

That’s not even the best part, each edition of our bottle labels have exclusive messages from our sponsor brands that speak to you. This advertising on our labels helps alleviate the cost of the bottles ensuring that you receive them for free!

Water From Whine

Truthfully, this all started because we were complaining. Every time any of us bought a bottle of water, we felt ripped off. But let’s be honest, who hasn’t felt that way? We pay loads of money for a bottle of something that is a fundamental human right – a necessity, even. And it made us kinda angry.

But more than just angry, we got inspired. We did some research, and discovered that bottled water costs more than petrol per litre – and petrol isn’t exactly cheap. We brought together the team with one goal, to fight back against the ridiculous industry by making a free bottled water brand of our own. And so, Free Is Better was born.


As Good As Water Gets


We wouldn’t ever ship anything we wouldn’t want ourselves. Even though bottled water is simple, we put an incredible amount of time and consideration into making sure ours is the best money can’t buy. We source our water from one of the finest natural springs in Australia, located deep within the McPherson Ranges in southern Queensland. The spring water descends and filters through natural layers of rock before reaching the aquifer beneath the bedrock of Mount Tamborine. Unlike other shallow sources of spring water, it has no man-made pollutants. Just to be sure though, we put our naturally pure water and bottles through state-of-the-art ozone and UV filtration systems. At the end of the process, Free Is Better is some of the purest spring water available.

We Won't Stick Around

One of the biggest challenges we had with our entire concept was making sure we could minimise any damage to the environment. Mother Nature, after all, is giving us this water. We worked with the entire supply chain to ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. Unlike traditional plastic water bottles, we use oxo-biodegradable plastic which contains an additive that changes the molecular structure of the plastic, causing it to break down into organic compounds when exposed to oxygen and UV Light. We’ve managed to accelerate the degradation process to make it 100 times faster than the PET bottles used around the industry. After approximately 10 years, you’re left with only natural compounds, no more dangerous bottles.

Someone got their engineering degree for this.

Our bottles are a scientific marvel. Oxo-biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and made from recycled materials from the start. It sounds simple, but it’s actually a huge innovation. In fact, we’re the first brand in Australia to use bottles like this. And it’s all without a compromise in quality. Our bottles have awesome tensile strength, they’re leak-proof, and they quickly degrade in multiple environments. Our bottles are also BPA free!

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